Top 5 Silage Trailers Used by Farming Community


Acquiring a Silage trailer makes a lot of difference in transport especially in a large farming area. It is very handy farm equipment to have and it is an investment that pays for itself many times over. There is a wide variety of trailers available and the one you will purchase will depend on the use you intend for it. Silage only trailers have sides that are fixed from the top to the bottom of the containment. There is an option to get a trailer that can be used for both grain and silage. The sides can be removed and put back when the trailer is being used for silage.

Redrock Silage Trailer

Redrock trailers have been sturdily constructed to withstand harsh conditions in the farm environment. They are made in all the standard requirements with features such as handbrakes, LED lights and an inspection ladder among others. The bogie axles in these silage trailers are fitted in a position that is off-centre to avoid undue pressure on the front wheels. It is also fitted with bronze brushes to lengthen their lifespan. They have excellent braking efficiency which is handy in a farm.

2013 SK 17T Proline Silage Trailer

This is a grain and silage trailer commonly sold by traders of tractors. It comes with an excellent silage kit and highly performing hydraulic doors. It is also fitted with a single tipping mechanism for the ram system making it convenient and easy to use. It also has a rear steering axle to enhance its handiness in the farm. It is made of durable materials to ensure its prolonged use on the farm.

Dooley Triaxle Trailers

This trailer can be used for grain, silage and any other material available. It has three fixed axles as implied but most farmers prefer a single steering axle. They are high quality trailers designed for efficiency within the farm. They have brakes with great response and they are made in regulation air and hydraulic brake standards. These Dooley trailers are available with a variety of options from the manufacturer. There are variations of the axle and there is an ABS braking system also available. The silage covers and extensions are made for durability and if you are interested in purchasing this item, you can get different heights to suit your farm and needs.

2013 Ex Demo 12T Farm Line Silage Trailer

This silage trailer comes with ten stud axles. It is also fitted with great floatation tires as well as a sprung drawbar. It is both a grain and silage trailer with a strong silage construction to withstand any farm pressures. It also has a hydraulic door and the single tipping system just like the Proline equipments. It is easy to use and is made in basic industry standards.

Smyth Silage Trailer

The Smyth Company is a well-established business with quality trailers. The Fieldmaster silage trailers are very popular in farming communities. It has an impressive tipping angle and can still carry up to 20 tonnes in weight. It has highly responsive brakes as well as impressive security locks on the trailer. There are many extra features that one can purchase a Smyth trailer with for maximum efficiency. Find Trailers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


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