New Holland V Massey Ferguson Tractors

New Holland V Massey Ferguson Tractors

People are barely interested in the brand of tractors, mostly because there are not so many types of tractors on the market. Nevertheless, there are some that are common, while others are still known by a number of low level farmers. A tractor is mostly evaluated by how strong it is, especially for the sake of digging through the toughest soil. The ability to run for long without needing a refill is also a factor to consider. This will be in relation to the fuel capacity and the consumption. A tractor that has a lower fuel consumption will not require a refill any time soon, and it will also run for a longer time. Here are the comparisons of two of the most popular tractor brands.

Among the leading tractor brands are the Massey Ferguson and the New Holland Tractors, which compete in several ways.

When it comes to the most common tractor, or the most preferred, Massey Ferguson leads with several features and special attributes. Some of the reasons that make it more popular than the New Holland Tractors include the following;
• Power: The M. Ferguson is more powerful than the N. Holland, which is one of the defining attributes. The MF has an engine that produces a horsepower of up to 185 at 2,200rpm. On the other hand, the NH engine produces 180 horsepower at 2200rpm. So apparently, the Massey Ferguson is more powerful.

  • Transmission: The Massey Ferguson has more forward gears compared to the competitor. Basically, it has a total of 24 forward gears, while the New Holland has a total of only 18 forward gears. Making the MF more reliable, especially when working on rugged terrains.
  • Turning Radius: The turning radius of the Massey Ferguson is 212.4 inches, for that it will need about 405.5” or a space of more than 1.9 times its size in order to turn around. For that, it might be challenging when working in a compact space.
  • Usage and Warranty: Another special attribute of the Massey Ferguson is that it has a longer usage ability, compared to the New Holland. It has a maximum usage of 2,000 hours. For that, if you work for about 4 hours every day, then you will end up using the tractor for one full year and some months. But technically, you cannot use the tractor that frequently and for that, you might end up using it for quite some time. In addition, it has a warranty of 2 years, so you will be sure of a guaranteed reliable service.
    • The Massey Ferguson is more powerful than the New Holland.
    • It can work for longer hours.
    • It will work more effectively if you are on a rough terrain, thanks to the 24 forward speeds.

• The Massey Ferguson has a low battery power compared to the New Holland.
• It lacks the load sensing feature, for that, it can receive an overload, even without you knowing if it is too much.

All in all, the Massey Ferguson stands as the most reliable tractor, especially for a heavier job. In addition, it will endure more and the warranty time is also long enough. For that, it is better than the New Holland, in relation to the performance. Find tractors dealers in Northern Ireland.

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