Farm safety

Safety around farm machinery is necessary to prevent accidents. One of the main causes of farm machinery accidents is failure to follow safe working systems. Most agricultural machines have several moving parts that pose a significant threat to users such as chopping cylinders in forage harvesters, rotating conveyors in potato harvesters, and rotating tines in power harrows. Here are some of the measures you can take to ensure safety while you are using farm equipment.

Apply Safe Stop Processes

You need to use safe stop processes before you begin carrying out adjustments and maintenance on farm equipment. A large number of accidents occur when individuals carry out work on machines like ford tractors while they are still in operation. Make sure the handbrake is on before you adjust or conduct maintenance. It is also essential to ensure controls are turned to neutral. Turn off the power or machine engine and remove the key. It is important to note that most of the farm equipment has several power sources including electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical. You have to isolate each source of power before you address any concern on the machinery.

Machine Use

Accidents can also occur when you attempt to start a machine. For this reason, there are various checks that you should carry out before use. The first step is to determine if the machine is appropriate for the intended use. You also need to check if its safety devices are in place and in good working condition. As an operator, you have to be well trained to handle the machine. Lack of adequate training can expose you to a lot of risks.

If you are using a piece of equipment like a lawn mower for the first time, it is important to read the lawn mower guide carefully even if you have undergone training. You also need to have suitable protective gear before using the machinery. Using protective gear can reduce the extent of injuries in case of an accident.

Make sure the work you intend to carry out using the machinery is well planned and communicated to everyone who may be exposed to some risk while the equipment is in operation. If you are using the equipment with another individual, it is necessary to communicate your roles clearly and come up with an effective communication system that you will use when operating the machinery.

Examining Machinery

A basic check is necessary before you use any farm equipment. The check will help you to make sure it is safe for use. The check requirements will vary from one machine to another but there are some basic things to look out for. The first thing to check for is mechanical defects on wheels, tyres, and brakes. Make sure the emergency stops on the machinery are functional. All the controls on the equipment need to be clearly marked to avoid accidental use during operation. Each piece of farm equipment will come with an operator’s manual and this should offer a great guide as you carry out the checks. One of the most popular farm vehicles is the New Holland Tractor and has been for many decades.

These are simple measures but they can make a significant difference when it comes to ensuring safety during farm machinery use.